Super food for your skin

The Moana skincare range of products has up to 95% active ingredients combined that have been carefully selected to offer the highest levels of amino acids, minerals and vitamins to promote skin rejuvenation, unprecedented moisturization leaving your skin supple, radiant and younger-looking.

Moana’s red seaweed extract is at the forefront of cosmetic ingredients. At the core of almost all our products is our very own unique ingredient: Glycoplus®. 

Traditionally, skin care products are made by mixing oil- and water-soluble ingredients, making an emulsion a base and then adding low percentages of active ingredients. This process yields products that we believe are inferior in offering cosmetic benefits as the main content comprises of the base cream (no actives). Even though there are new delivery systems introduced in cosmetic products, we believe the base cream sits on the surface of the skin, making it difficult for the low-level active ingredients to penetrate the skin barrier in order to exert their effects.
Moana Skincare has turned this process completely upside down! Our products use Glycoplus®, a unique active ingredient from red seaweed, as the base before adding other native New Zealand botanicals into the formulation. Together, these plant-based extracts are providing glycans, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a superfood cocktail, to your skin. 
Moana is an organic skincare range with a blend of unique and native marine and plant-based active ingredients that we believe are perfect for your skin. 

In a clinical study, it was shown that Moana Skincare provided an unprecedented hydration of the skin. A combination of our Instant Lifting Mask, Serum and Renewal Day Cream was applied twice a day for 14-days. A significant result was seen in skin hydration already after the first application. Even more impressive, a lasting skin hydration effect of up to 60 hours was seen after the last application, an effect that is 8-10x higher than traditional cosmetics.

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