"Skin Loving" Delivery Systems

During the last five years, cosmetic science has made several ground-breaking findings. One of the discoveries is incorporating complete DNA strains of botanical ingredients into cosmetic formulas and enchancing the penetration of actives through the dermal barrier.

 It is widely known that skincare products that contain less then 40% of active ingredients, perform poorly and are therefore rather inactive.

Curious why?

Water, as part of skincare formulations evaporates from the skin surface almost instantly after applying. Therefore, most of the ingredients just sit on the surface of the skin and never penetrate through the dermal barrier. To be able to "push" the actives into the skin, most products on the market rely on synthetically processed delivering systems such as; polymers, nanoparticles, liposomes, microshepers etc. That means consumers are compromised with the effectivness of a product and skin unfriendly synthetic ingredients.
On the other hand, many natural products on the market are low performing and do not deliver their promised results, expected by the high end Anti Aging industry.
Rising to the challenge, Moana's R&D achieved a breakthrough in this niche market when created unprecedented formulas of results driven, skin friendly organic products.

A fish net of natural sugars

Moana's products rely on abundant and vibrant delivering network, made of generous amounts of natural sugars - marine glycans, derived from native NZ red seaweed.
Like a fine fish net, these naturally occuring sugars attract and bond with pure and precious skin loving oils and other selected botanical actives. This vigorous fusion transforms gentle, natural ingredients into almighty beauty wizards, that successfully combat the visible signs of aging and waterloss. 
Moana’s bioactive & bioavailable offering, represents an unprecedented vibrant symphony of natural goodness, tradition and the latest skincare science.

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