Reinventing skin care

Moana Skincare was created from a vision to discover and establish a truly natural line of cosmetics that provides unique skin benefits.

In our endeavour to achieve our goal we identified the beautiful country of New Zealand with its pristine waters and untouched nature as our starting point and our inspiration. Intensive research into the history of New Zealand led us to the discovery of Rongoa, the traditional medicine of the Maori people. This ancient discipline treats the spirit as well as the body and is centered around New Zealand's powerful and rare botanical and marine extracts.

Traditional cosmetics are typically a blend of oil- and water-soluble ingredients. To be able to mix oil and water manufacturers have to use certain ingredients including emulsifiers, viscosity modifiers etc. Not only that, the amount of active ingredients that promote a cosmetic benefit is added at a very low level. Moana Skincare reinvents and reshapes this thinking by using natural ingredients “as is” resulting in an always fresh, pure, and active cosmetic line. In order to provide you with the best skin nourishment and cosmetic benefits the amount of active ingredients in our products are above 70% and as high as 95%. We manage this by replacing the water used in traditional cosmetics with our unique Glycoplus® red seaweed extract. Glycoplus® is the backbone in Moana Skincare line and help stabilize our products without the use of synthetic ingredients but still allowing a quick release of active ingredients to your skin.

In a clinical study it was shown that Moana Skincare provided an unprecedented hydration of the skin. A combination of our Instant Lifting Mask, Serum and Renewal Day Cream was applied twice a day for 14-days. A significant result was seen in skin hydration already after the first application, on day 1. Even more impressive, a lasting skin hydration effect of up to 60 hours was seen after the last application, an effect that is 8-10x higher than what you achieve with traditional cosmetics.

We are truly giving your skin the ALL NATURAL and effective skin experience, in contrast to the unnecessary synthetic nature of traditional cosmetics. Moana Skincare, Pure Drop of Youth, we are removing the burdens to the microenvironment (your skin) and the macroenvironment (the Earth).

Moana Skincare is truly unique! An environmentally friendly cosmetic line that is pro skin and pro nature!

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