Precious Botanicals

New Zealand is a land of sunshine, smiling people, beautiful coastline, rain forests and snowy mountains. Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud as it is known to its indigenous Maori people, is a small, diverse and remote group of islands where nature and technology peacefully coexist in harmony.  Because of their isolation, the islands of New Zealand have developed a rare and precious offering of native land and marine flora which Moana is built on. We introduce it to you with love.

Kowhai extract

The Kōwhai is one of the best known native trees in New Zealand. The leaves have traditionally been used for their cleansing and soothing properties.

Harakeke - New Zealand flax 

One of the ingredients in Moana's skincare products is Harakeke extract (New Zealand flax), a nectar which have been shown to exceed the benefits of traditional Aloe Vera. Recent studies also reveal that Harakeke contains high concentrations of oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid and stearic acid, and smaller contributions of triacylglycerol’s, phytosterols and antioxidants. Phytosterols are known for their skin soothing properties. Fatty acids from Harakeke are also attributed with promoting a healthy skin appearance.

The Maori of New Zealand have been harvesting this precious plant for decades and refer to the Harakeke as a family group (whanau) because it grows in a fan-like fashion, with each layer of the plant representing a family segment; infancy, childhood, parenthood and grandparents.

Kawakawa oil & Kawakawa extract

Known by the Maori as "the pharmacy of the forest", Kawakawa has traditionally been used as an ointment for several skin conditions. Kawakawa was chosen because of its unique and remarkable soothing properties.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is a unique ingredient with several interesting properties. Traditionally this ingredient has been widely used as anything from sweetener (replacement for sugar) to its abilities to prevent introduction of bacteria to formulations. Not so known is its use in skin care and its ability to fight the signs of early ageing.

Mamaku Black Fern

Mamaku is the name of the giant black ferns endemic to New Zealand. The Mamaku is responsible for protecting the entire native forest from water loss.
Used by New Zealand Maori people as a poultice, Mamaku extract provides hydration and soothing properties to the skin, promoting cell rejuvenation and a healthy-looking skin.

New Zealand Botanical Oils

Moana Skincare uses botanical oils from plants, fruits and trees grown in New Zealand. The country's volcanic soil and extraordinary eco system with its plants and trees adds incomparable qualities to all Moana products.
The incorporation of cold pressed oils such as Kawakawa, New Zealand-grown kiwifruit, avocado, hemp seed oil and olive oil ensures the rapid absorption of all of these precious nutrients, helping fight the early signs of ageing.  

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