Our origin

New Zealand is a land of sunshine, smiling people, pristine coastline, green rain forests and snowy mountains. Aotearoa or Land of the Long White Cloud - as it is known to indigenous Maori people- is a small, diverse and remote group of islands where nature and tradition peacefully coexist in harmony. Because of its isolation, New Zealand has preserved a rare and precious offering of native land and marine flora, which Moana has successfully combined and now delivers to you with love.

Our certified organic cosmeceutical skin care range is made with premium ingredients that are native to New Zealand. Our most precious extract - Glycoplus® - comes from endemic red seaweed which is rich in glycans, anti-oxidants, naturally occurring peptides, vitamins and minerals. Glycoplus® is at the heart of our entire range.

Our products are highly bio-active, gentle and suitable for all skin types. In fact, when formulating our line, we paid close attention to creating a range with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to easily manage sensitive and allergy prone skin, as well as everyone else.

We believe that our highly nutritive and holistic range will improve your skin’s appearance and increase your wellbeing, so, with this in mind, naturally and with LOVE, we invite you to the world of Moana.

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