Certified organic

Moana Skincare products are certified organic

Moana Skincare products are certified organic with AsureQuality, the New Zealand Government's provider of food safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors.

The AsureQuality Organic Standard covers organic primary production, organic processing and labelling, and is accredited by:

  • IFOAM (International Federation Organi Agricultural Movement)
  • New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries Official Organic Assurance Programme (OOAP)
  • The United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (NOP)
  • Japanese Agricultural Standard
  • Canada Organic Regime

This means that you can be confident that Moana Skincare ingredients and products, which are grown and manufactured in New Zealand, are devoid of any modern synthetic inputs (no pesticides or chemical fertilisers), and are produced under one of the strictest environmental protection agency regimes in the world.

Environmentally-friendly consciousness and practice

In an ever-changing world, Moana believes that every aspect of our operations must be guided by an environmentally-friendly consciousness and practice, both now and in the future.
As a result, Moana develops the highest quality products without sacrificing the environment or its people. We are passionately committed to the preservation of the natural world and, without exception;

Moana will always choose the most environmentally-friendly ways to harvest, manufacture, process and distribute our products.

Sustainably harvested

Our ingredients such as the Kawakawa tree, Mamaku black fern, Kowhai tree, Harakeke Seed Oil (New Zealand flax) and New Zealand red seaweed are sustainably harvested, cold pressed and diligently respectful of Maori Tikanga protocols.
The result is a certified organic, non-invasive skincare range which is free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. An entirely sustainable product developed in one of the purest environments in the world.

Moana Skincare products (95% or more organic ingredients)

Moana Skincare products (from 78.3% to 89.9% organic ingredients)

All Moana Skincare products contain very high levels of marine glycans and organic ingredients compared to other natural skincare products on the market.

Moana products are free of:

• Synthetic colours

• Synthetic fragrances

• Phenoxyethanol

• Petrochemicals

• Parabens

• Sulfates

• PEGs

• Phtalates

Added Subtotal