Bio-active vs Cosmetics Skincare

Over the last few years cosmetic science has made incredible discoveries in glycobiology and skin biochemistry. Skincare products must contain at least 40% active ingredients to be effective

In the last five years, science has made ground-breaking findings in the cosmetic field. One of these discoveries is that by incorporating complete DNA strains of botanical ingredients – a concept known as bio-activity – an otherwise inert cosmetic element can have medicinal or restorative properties on the skin, in the industry we call these precious products cosmeceuticals.
Cosmeceuticals skin care products are highly bio-active formulations which have increased absorption rates due to scientific enhancements. Moana’s cosmeceutical range represents the ideal union between natural goodness, tradition and efficient technological delivery.
In skin care, products that are below 40% bio-active are considered purely cosmetic and inactive, sitting on the surface of your skin but never penetrating through the dermal barrier, much like paint sits on a wall.  

Nature’s most Exclusive Bio-Actives

Having survived drastic climate changes but mostly untouched, New Zealand plants have excelled at self-preservation, which to this day remains a scientific enigma, as their DNA has not changed for millions of years and predates even some dinosaur fossils. Over 80% of New Zealand’s plant species are indigenous to the country, which makes these flowering plants and ferns truly rare. 

The Maori people of New Zealand still practice Rongoa - a traditional form of medicine – which is based on the healing properties of the most powerful native plants. From this knowledge of land and marine botanicals Moana was born.

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